Everyone wants change

Nobody wants to change

TeuwenSchouten offers the solution


Change is the only constant factor in organizations. Simply indicating ‘now it is different’, does not do the trick. Change is an integral process that requires attention from technology, organization and people. Especially the latter factor is important, because behavior and interaction determine the success of change. For that reason, the human factor is the focus of change management at TeuwenSchouten.

Employees are the most important factor

Something really changes, if people’s behavior changes. Change therefore only succeeds when it is clear to everyone what is the goal is, when everyone is involved and when employees are given responsibilities and engage in open dialogue. The method of TeuwenSchouten focuses on these success factors.

We provide movement
We ensure that your organization begins to move and continues to move in a positive way. We touch people and create a sense of urgency for change. We let them experiment, understand and experience – and use therefor innovative and sometimes unorthodox methods and resources. In this way we achieve rapid acceptance and implementation.

What would you like to change?

Every team is different – just like every mission, organization and corporate culture. Therefore we start with an intensive introduction to get the mutual expectations clear. Do you want us to act as advisor or coach for the management? Or are we going to develop a full strategy and execution? The choice is yours. But if you choose to successful change better choose an effective one. The first step is to you. Call us today at (088) 33 22 100 or send us an email

Some branches in which we are particularly strong:·

  • Financial services (banking and insurance)
  • Retail
  • Automotive

Some case studies
Client: known insurance company (who wishes to remain anonymous).
Assignment: Make sure that the marketing and communication department operates effectively again.
TeuwenSchouten has come up with quick win actions and developed and implemented with the department. One of the cases was nominated for an award. This gave the department a huge kick and brought the confidence back, allowing the staff to feel more confident and started to take initiative again.Client: Boek & Bedrijf, subsidiairy of The Royal Dutch Booksellers Association.
Opdracht: change the organizational structure turning it a commercial focus and method.
Execution: TeuwenSchouten heeft zich gericht op het gehele bedrijf, van personeel tot producten en juridische aspecten. We hebben bijvoorbeeld een CRM-systeem ontwikkeld en de productrange uitgebreid en geherpositioneerd. Daarnaast hebben we de juiste medewerkers aangenomen die bij de nieuwe marktstrategie passen en hebben we bestaande medewerkers begeleid in het eigen maken van de nieuwe focus. Binnen korte tijd is het marktaandeel van Boek & Bedrijf tot 8% gestegen.TeuwenSchouten focused on the entire business, from staff to products and all other business aspects. For example, we have developed a CRM system, expanded and repositioned the product range. Additionally, we have coached existing staff guidance in mastering the new focus and hired the right staff to fit the new market strategy. Within a short time, the market share of Boek & Bedrijf rose to 8%

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